Ah my Goddess! ≫ Oh my Goddess vol 1 DVD UK release

Oh my Goddess vol 1 DVD UK release

Oh my Goddess vol 1 DVD UK release

Oh my Goddess vol 1 DVD UK release

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College freshman Morisato Keiichi gets more than he bargained for when he goes dialing for dinner and gets an unexpected delivery - Belldandy, a real live, honest to goodness Goddess!

Belldandy grants him a wish, and Keiichi decides that what he really needs is a girlfriend just like Belldandy!

And that's exactly what he gets. The mysterious "Ultimate Force" that enforces all Wish Contracts comes into play, and Keiichi and Belldandy are now inseparable.

That's when Keiichi remembers that his dorm has a strict rule: NO WOMEN ALLOWED!

Can Keiichi and Belldandy find a new place to live? Will everyone buy the story that she's a foreign student? And does Keiichi have the guts to put the moves on a babe who is LITERALLY divine?

Playback options:<UL><LI>English language version.<LI>Original Japanese language version.<LI>Original Japanese language version with English subtitles.<LI>Original Japanese language version with limited English subtitles (songs, signs & credits).<LI>Playback film with voice actors commentary.<LI>Playback film with Music & Effects only with full subtitles (Silent Movie style!).<LI>Playback film with Music & Effects only with limited sub-titles (Dub your own &quot;Oh My Goddess!&quot;).<LI>Slideshow of production cels.<LI>Still screen frame grabs.</UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher MVM
Series Ah my Goddess!
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Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 2
Product Code MVM-AMGV0001
Customer reviews
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"very sweet and funny :D" by Mirai (Netherlands) on Mar 7, 2005

I think it's very sweet. Al the bad things that happen to Keichi are infact so funny, especialy the ones caused by Belldandy's older sister Urd. The first 3 episodes, incuded on this dvd, are used to introduce the characters. The real story, I think, begins (and ends) on the 2nd part of this OVA.

"Not too much thinking, just fun." by ShadowLady (Netherlands) on Feb 5, 2005

Ah my goddess is mostly a really cute series, keichii is an honest person with a lot of bad luck, which ensures lots of laughing troughout the show. Belldandy is a goddes and one of the sweetest people you will every see. You'll be laughing in the beginning of the show and crying at the end, because then it does take a bit more dramatical stance and plays out the feelings a bit more. so there is some depth afterall.
I'd say it's worth the time and money.