Street fighter ≫ Street Fighter alpha DVD PAL

Street Fighter alpha DVD PAL

Street Fighter alpha DVD PAL

Street Fighter alpha DVD PAL

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Manga Video proudly presents the all-new, hard-hitting Street Fighter Alpha. Ken, Ryu, and Chun Li return in a fantastic, new DVD anime feature! Street Fighter Alpha takes place somewhere in between the TV series and the movie, where Ryu is farther along in his training, and is now having trouble controlling "Hado." There is also the sudden appearance of Jun, a young boy claiming to be his younger brother. Ryu finds that during battle he is overcome with an inhuman rage, which causes him to lose control over his powers. This same rage seems to manifest itself in the young boy as well, but not at the same frightening rate. He is also haunted by visions of the mysterious evil figure known as Gouki, and it seems like he is the cause of these sudden bursts of rage. This series follows the Alpha games series which comes a bit later after the Super Street Fighter games with appearances of other characters from that series such as Sakura, Rose, and Dan, as well as the old faithful ones.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Manga entertainment
Series Street fighter
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 2
Product Code MAN-SF2V1001
Customer reviews
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"True to the game" by Winkelkar (Belgium) on Jan 3, 2004

SF2: TAM was an enormous hit. It had a very succesfull launch in Japan thanks to the good marketing campaign. Unfortunately the US release was butchered with hard rock music and lesser voice acting. Although the music itself was pretty good the original Japanese score was 10x better.
So it was only obvious that another SF movie had to be made! And good thing it's such a fine movie.

Alot of people say this is a sequel or a prequel to the first movie but both of them are wrong. Since SF:Z(A) doesn't focus on Bison and the Shadowlaw group but the main villain here is Akuma. You could consider this an alternate universe. Also because the drawing style is different much more cartoon like but still in an acceptabel way that the anime doesn't get too childish. But that's also because of the (softer) violence. A quick thing that I don't like about the artwork is the enormous feet Ryu and some others sometimes appear to have (you especially this when you're drunk {;-]). I think at some points they better should've kept the SF2 style but then the characters wouldn't match the artwork in the videogame anymore.

DVD case:
Very nice. It displays Ryu as the main focus point although you could say Akuma is that too. The other main players in the story are pictured to the sides facing eachother in a bueish-grey-purple colour. The background is very stylish with red fading into black. Very nice and it certainly doesn't make the package look cheap. What I really liked was that they kept the original SF font for "Street Fighter". The back features the main characters with Ryu again front with the short synopsis of the events. It also notes that the guy who made this also was the director of Digimon. But I think you can tell when you look at the characters. The disc itself was farily simple with the name of the movie and a nice colour scheme.

Image quality:
Very sharp with no noticeable grain or printing errors but then again this a fairly recent movie so it would be awkward if they already screwed upthe master tapes. {:-D One thing I noticed that kept returning was some pixelation. You could see this very well on a bigger TV. One moment it really shows is when Asuka is looking with her friend for Ryu on the market place. On the red parts of the background you can notice this quite rapidly when you pay attention to it. But nonetheless the picture is sharp, clear, the darker parts and the parts where the colour has alot of variety the image stays sharp and in balance.

The 2.0 sound is very clear. The music doesn't overwhelm the dialogue at any point same with the sound effects. Everything sounds balanced out as it should be. I don't have a 5.1 sound set so Icouldn't try it out tomake up the difference. But I'm sure it'd sounds alot better. But what frustrated me was that the sound is only in Japanese. I hate dubs in general but this movie had a fairly good dub. Also they say on the case: Zero/Alpha and that's why I thought it had the dub and the original sound track. Because the original Jap version was called Zero and the dubwas called Alpha. Or maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so.

To be honest I expected an adrenaline feature like SF2 but here the main focus is on the story. Of course SF wouldn't be SF without some fight scenes but there different. SF2 had extremely (SF2 wise of course) realistic fights. The fights without their special moves where very coordinated and brought to life very vibrant. In this movie they're are unfortunately less kick *ss. They still look great but they don't have the SF feeling at all. There isn't one fighting scene in the whole movie that can compete with any of the fights in SF2 (except T Hawk vs Ken). Ryu mainly fights either people who are weaker (alot) ot that zombie who only takes his punches all thetime without really making an effort to break up a sweat. The last fight is also very dissapointing. It was too rushed, too short not exciting and could've been drawn alot better. Maybe I make the scenes sound dissapointing but the only real dissapointment is the last fighting scene.

The story itself is very interesting. Introducing a brother to Ryu certainly gives the whole lone fighter aspect a new look. The movie begins with showing us Ryu going berserk and with some flashes of Akuma. Ryuwonders what's going onwith his Ki. Soon after that Ken arrives and then Ryu's little brother from then on the story really begins as the characters are introduced and the stages are set. I'm not going to go further into the story because you just have to see it for yourself. It's a shame Akuma doesn't fight with Ryu until the end. It should have been longer. Imagina a full scale, no barrel hold, brutal scene with two of the most powerfull fighters from Street Fighter. But hey maybe the next movie? I also liked the idea or theories of Akuma being the father of Shun and Ryu. After all the dark hadou is unique....

Street Fighter Zero/Alpha is an entertaining movie but certainly not the thrill ride that SF2: TAM was/is. Still, Street Fighter fan? Buy it!