Vampire princess Miyu ≫ Vampire princess Yui vol 1 TP

Vampire princess Yui vol 1 TP

Vampire princess Yui vol 1 TP

Vampire princess Yui vol 1 TP

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From esteemed artist Narumi Kakinouchi, who brought you New Vampire Miyu, comes the gothic tale of Vampire Princess Yui, a young half-human/half-vampire who does not yet understand her fate. Yui has been sick for some time and doesn't know why. It turns out that it is because of her cravings... for blood. Join Yui as she learns of her vampiric heritage, her relation to the vampire Miyu, and the mysterious Nagi, a young man who is not quite human himself...

Text source: Previews June 2001

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Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Ironcat
Series Vampire princess Miyu
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code PRE-2004042735
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"More stories in the realm of miyu" by miszou (Netherlands) on Nov 27, 2003

The story of Yui is some where inbetween the vampire princess miyu series, Yui appears in The new vampire princess miyu for the first time (this second serie comes direct after volume one of vampire princess miyu). This serie follows Yui more deeply and shows us the life of Yui. The art is like vampire princess miyu, gothic and guarantees beautifull artwork (Narumi, you rule ^_^).

In this first volume we see the birth of Yui as a vampire and how she accepts her fate as being one. The story also gives more information on Miyu's life and other character as well adn shouldn't be missed when reading all about miyu's world!