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Borderline 3

Borderline 3

Borderline 3

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The popular Borderline series continues, with an all-new collection of erotic "dojinshi" computer images by the talented Japanese illustrator Sakaki Naomoto. Featuring a fantastic array of beautiful high-res CG images, including "erotic anime parody" works featuring adult illustrations of popular anime characters, this is a wonderful item for all collectors of high-quality bishojo artwork.

A wonderful CD-ROM literally packed with great fun for hentai collectors, Borderline 3 includes many excellent erotic images for you to browse. But you can do mor! Play the interactive HTML "Nugeteku Game" and click through each character as she takes her clothes off. Find the erotic "hot spots" and click to enlarge erotic sections of the images.

Borderline 3 features a special treat for Windows users: a great selection of custom-made desktop accessories. You get Ashura Clock (a full-featured anime desktop clock, complete with alarm), Binary Ghost (a cute animated desktop character that watches you work while sitting on top of your currently active window), Layer Green (a fantastic anime "daily calendar" that displays the date and a different image for each month), Strip Saver (a screen saver that cycles through the erotic CG of the Borderline series), Sakura Saver (animated Sakura-chan screen saver), and a wallpaper changer to change your computer's wallpaper at a set period of time.

In addition to wonderful CG images, Borderline 3 ~Frozen Beach~ includes Sakaki Naomoto's premier as a professional adult manga artist, with his first erotic manga story as published in Mujin Comics. Pages are included in both screen-readable and high-resolution format on the disc.

The fabulous erotic CG on this CD-ROM cover a variety of popular themes, from steamy sex to "naughty tentacles." As with all the erotic CG collections published by JAST USA, all CG files are provided in popular file formats like BMP and JPEG, with no copy protection or "mosaic" censorship. Nothing will interfere with your enjoyment of these excellent erotic computer images from Sakaki Naomoto!

Note about included desktop accessories: While we have tested the included software with English versions of Windows software from Microsoft, we cannot guarantee that all the desk accessories will work with all flavors of Windows. Also, we cannot be held responsible for corruption or other problems that happen as a result of installing these programs.

Borderline 3 ~Frozen Beach~ is an adult CD-ROM intended for viewing by those over 18 years of age only. Please obey all local laws. Artwork is copy (C) 2001 Sakaki Naomoto, JAST USA, all rights reserved. Characters in Borderline 3 are the property of their respective rights holders, and these parody images are protected by U.S. laws regarding parody artwork.

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