Vagabond ≫ Vagabond tome 01

Vagabond tome 01

Vagabond tome 01

Vagabond tome 01

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Miyamoto Musashi est un rônin, un samurai errant. Il parcourt les routes du Japon à la recherche des plus grands bretteurs afin de parfaire son art et de devenir un jour le meilleur samurai de l¿archipel. Musashi voyage donc à la rencontre des plus grands kenjutsu afin de parfaire son art. De son côté, Matahachi essaie vaillamment de changer pour mériter son nouveau nom de Kojiro Sasaki.

Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Tonkam
Series Vagabond
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Genre Drama , Adventure , Romance , Historical , Samurai
Product Code TON-VAGT0001
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"I loved all the gore" by Powerz (UK) on Feb 14, 2004

Ii have the japanese book of this and all the fighting scenes are just plain great. There is alot of blood and gore so if ur not into people gettin there head choped clean of there neck dont look, but if u are like me this is the book to buy!!!
I cant read japanese but i could still understand wot was going on because all the pictures join up perfectly.
All the pictures are drawn perfectly and the action never stops.

i recomend it ^_^