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Do you like the color inserts in the Ah! My Goddess manga? Can you imagine that now there&#39;s a book where all the pages are in color? It&#39;s even bigger than the normal sized manga (it&#39;s 257x182 mm), and it has a very nice gold cover. The book contains four chapters:<UL><LI><U>Tale of Bellandy: The Telephone Number Is The Wrong Number</U>
Everything begins in the first installment of Ah! My Goddess. Keiichi Morisato is a student at Nekomi Institute of Technology. A real-life goddess visits him when he is alone in his dormitories. She calls herself Bellandy and grants Keiichione wish: he doesn&#39;t have to think too hard for what he wants.

<LI><U>Tale of Urd: Urd&#39;s Fantastic Adventure</U>
Bellandy&#39;s big sister-a goddess called Urd-is getting younger every day. There is a problem with the Universe program. Keiichi and Bellandy are worried that if they can&#39;t stop her reverse aging, Urd will go back to being a baby. Not that Urd cares. &quot;What will be, will be,&quot; she says and is off to have some fun with a shy lad called Shohei..

<LI><U>Tale of Skuld: Crazy Little Thing Called Love</U>
Skuld, Bellandy&#39;s little sister, is still growing up. She likes to pretend that she is older then she actually is. She falls for Sentaro, a crying fanatic. Is this her first love? This story is about Skuld, goddess of the future..

<LI><U>Tale of Peorth: Are You Being Served?</U>
Another goddess, Peorth, claims to be Bellandy&#39;s archenemy. She can&#39;t understand why Keiichi won&#39;t ask her for a wish, even though he was the one who summoned her. Peorth wants to help Keiichi. Bellandy wants to help him, too. Peorth knows that she is mistaken, but still fights over the technical college students. Urd and Skuld can&#39;t keep out of tha brawl. Disaster looms, of course.</UL>That&#39;s not everything what we can find in the book. For the people who haven&#39;t seen the complete manga there&#39;s a summary of chapters until chapter 144 in the end of the book. There are also some specials added, like &quot;An Encyclopedia of Goddess Terminology&quot;, &quot;A look at vehicles owned by each character&quot; or &quot;Rules of the Goddess&#39; World&quot;. A must have for every Ah! My Goddess fan.

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Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga
Publisher Kodansha JP
Series Ah my Goddess!
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Primary language Japanese
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