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Meet Dee Latener and his half-Japanese partner Randy (Ryo) McLane, a couple of detectives in New York's 27th Precinct. Not only does this pair of crime-fighting crusaders chase down criminals, but Dee can't stop chasing Ryo either. Is it just his dark hair and dark eyes that attract him so, or is it something more? Tired of the daily city grind, the heroes set off for a vacation in England, to relax, enjoy themselves, and if this gay cop Dee has his way with Ryo¿ But when Japanese-Americans start turning up dead outside Dee and Ryo's hotel, the ever-vigilant mismatched investigators become embroiled in the local crime scene. Although their hotel had seemed to be the perfect secluded little romantic rendezvous, Ryo starts off chasing murder suspects while Dee can't stop chasing Ryo. It may not be all tea and crumpets for a couple of tough guys from New York, but this adventure will give them a taste of Britain that they'll not soon forget. Dee's plans for seducing Ryo may have gone awry, you can be sure he'll stay hot on the trail until he gets his man! Approximate running time: 60 min.

Text source: Previews October 2000

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Media blasters - Animeworks
Series Fake
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Genre Romance , Shonen-ai
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2000100233
Customer reviews
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"Funny ))" by ElenoreLoretje (Belgium) on Jun 13, 2008

Well I've seen this movie a couple of times and I'm not bored of it yet, it's a good storie where all the coppers seem to be gay...but anyway I liked it, it's serious,but at the same time hilarious ;)
A little short perhaps, but you could always watch it twice in a row :D

"A genuinely funny manga-to-anime conversion." by Miya (Nederland) on Feb 4, 2004

Fake tells the story of two New York cops named Randy (Ryo) Mclane and Dee Latener. The anime pretty much drops you right in the middle of the story and so it might do you good to have read the first couple of manga volumes before you start on this movie. But you CAN do without. Some of the history is explained with the use of (quite humorous) flashbacks and the characters, even the minor ones, are very well fleshed out, especially for just an hour long movie. You just can't help but laugh at Dee's antics and frustration when his plans of getting laid are constantly getting screwed up by the Bikky (a street-wise punk Ryo took in) and his little lady friend, Cal.

Now for the animation which, granted, isn't much to write home about. The art was something I had gotten used to while reading the manga and so it didn't throw me off as much while watching the anime. It still isn't my style, and the eyes can look really weird sometimes, but it grows on you. I actually found it to be quite charming after a while, and the expressions are really very well done and add to the frequently hysterical humor which really makes this anime a winner in my book.

There's really a lot of fun to be had, and I can assure you it's worth the purchase. (If two guys french-kissing doesn't have you running down the street screaming obscenities).

It's a fun, lighthearted movie that will leave most people wishing for more, and the wonderful thing is--there IS more. Buy the manga and enjoy more of the same, only better!

"Was elke politie agent maar zo als Ryo" by laila elouali (Nederland) on Dec 13, 2003

Ik kende fake al van de manga en wilde dus eigenlijk om mijn fake collectie compleet te maken ook de dvd hebben. De anime van fake vertelt het verhaal dat ook in fake deel 2 voorkomt maar heeft toch een leuke twist waardoor het niet helemaal hetzelfde is. Persoonlijk hadden ze mij een ander deel van fake mogen verfilmen. Ik denk dat als ze het verhaal uit de eerste volume van fake hadden verfilmt het verhaal beter tot zijn recht zou zijn gekomen. Toch blijft ondanks dit Fake een leuke dvd om te bekijken. De animatie van fake is goed gedaan en de stemmen ( japanse) passen precies bij de hoofdpersonen.
Tip: Ga Fake niet dubbed maar subbed kijken , de amerikaanse stemmen zijn niet om uit te houden (de stemmen heb je al te veel gehoord bij andere anime's )