3x3 Eyes ≫ 3x3 eyes collection DVD

3x3 eyes collection DVD

3x3 eyes collection DVD

3x3 eyes collection DVD

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An incredible journey into the world of demons and immortals.

The Sanjiyan
Long before the age of man, legends whisper of the civilization of the Sanjiyan, powerful three-eyed demons that possessed the secret of immortality. yet their fascination with humanity led to their betrayal and slaughter by one of their strongest leaders Kaiyanwan...

Our blind arrogance has built a civilization that believes only in itself and we preserve our sense of security only by refusing to perceive the dark shadow-world lurking just beneath the surface of our own...

One man, Yakumo, will be forced to confront this hidden world and discover the curse of immortality after his introduction to the last of the Sanjiyan, Pai. What he finds will force him to embrace the demon world to find not only its humanity, but also his own...
<UL><LI>Immortals<UL><LI>Chapter I Transmigration<LI>Chapter II Yakumo<LI>Chapter III Sacrifice<LI>Chapter IV Straying</UL><LI>Legend of the divine demon<UL><LI>Chapter I Descent<LI>Chapter II The key<LI>Chapter III The return</UL></UL>

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Pioneer
Series 3x3 Eyes
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy , Adventure , Romance , Horror , Action
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2000100231
Customer reviews
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"strijd om onsterfelijkheid" by Gaara (België) on Mar 30, 2009

in het kort: yakumo ontmoet een meisje, Paï, die de laatste is van een ras onsterfelijken, en wanneer hij een ongeluk heeft redt Paï hem door van hem haar "wu" (een soort zombieslaafje zeg maar) te maken. Vanaf dat moment moet Yakumo haar constant beschermen tegen de vele mensen die uit zijn op de gave van onsterfelijkheid.
Ik heb de serie pas kort geleden ontdekt en ben er helemaal weg van! Deze films zijn echt leuk om te zien, en ook de mangareeks is prachtig, alleen jammer dat ik ze pas heb ontdekt, nu ze niet meer gedrukt worden, en ze dus nooit zal kunnen vervolledigen...
Maar zeker een aanrader voor wie wel houdt van een beetje fantasie!

"3x3 eyes reference" by Tommie (Nederland) on Jun 10, 2008

this kid called yakumo, just another insignifficant other is approached by pai. a girl from tibet. all about the meeting is perculiar and yakumo dies within minutes after their meeting. ressurection... he lives on as a defender of pai who has consumed his soul into herself before it could depart to the afterlife. but pai is not only pay, she is also the last sanjiyan... the story ventures into a quest that will take your mind and grind it into millions of pieces. then it will reconstruct it with thesame thing it was before hence the new knowledge... have fun cuz its a MUST have!

"How do they do it?" by Melanie Zwiggelaar (Netherlands) on Jan 25, 2007

The series 3x3 Eyes catches your attention inmediatly and refuses to let go. With strong characters and breathtaking events this is an absolute must-have.

"C'est du bon !" by ptitlouis (Belgique) on Apr 13, 2004

3x3 Eyes (prononcez &quot;Sazan Eyes&quot;) est une tr&egrave;s bonne petite s&eacute;rie d'OAV, r&eacute;partie en fait en deux s&eacute;ries : &quot;Immortals&quot; (les 4 premi&egrave;res OAV) et &quot;Legend Of The Divine Demon&quot; (les 3 OAV suivantes). 3x3 Eyes m&eacute;lange parfaitement aventure, combats assez sanglants par moment, &eacute;motion et un brin de mythologie hindouiste. Les deux DVD sont en plus de qualit&eacute; assez bonne, l'animation tr&egrave;s correcte et les musiques assez magnifiques. Les bonus sont assez l&eacute;gers, mais cela ne g&acirc;che en rien la qualit&eacute; g&eacute;n&eacute;rale de l'anim&eacute;.