Neon Genesis evangelion ≫ Newtype illustration collection Der Mond

Newtype illustration collection Der Mond

Newtype illustration collection Der Mond

Newtype illustration collection Der Mond

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Product details
Adult All ages
Department Books / Illustration book
Publisher Glenat
Series Neon Genesis evangelion
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code GLE-DERA0001
Customer reviews
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"Superbe!!" by Bleep (Belgique) on Feb 1, 2004

Cet ouvrage est vraiment magnifique, on peut y découvrir principallement des illustrations d'Evangelion, qui on été faites pour des couverture de magazine ou encore pour des affiches, mais le livre comprend aussi quelques ilustrations d'autres animés comme Nadia par exemple.
A la fin du livre il y a un récapitulatif de tous les dessins avec un petit commentaire de l'auteur.

Bref ce livre est magnifique.

"You don't need to be an Evangelion junkie to appreciate this gorgeous artbook." by V. Krätke (Netherlands) on Dec 4, 2003

There's no denying that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's color art is highly accomplished. A little over 100 pages worth of his beautiful illustrations are collected in this large and very nicely made glossy-looking book that would sit well on the shelves of any anime and manga enthusiast.

The bulk of this book is made up of Evangelion illustrations, ranging from color pages for the manga to collector cards and movie posters. And they're all gorgeous. Most illustrations leap out at the reader with either incredibly intricate mecha or brilliant use of highlights and shadows to give things a striking, almost tangible look. There are also a few softer, more contemplative images thrown into the mix where Sadamoto displays some wonderful talent with soft, aquarel-ish or sketchy effects for some very eye-pleasing images. While the softer-toned images are a joy to behold, what really left a lasting impression on me in the end were the more vibrant images, where the amazing use of color and the stark highlights are really something special.

Rounding up the Evangelion content of this book are some early concept illustrations that will mostly interest fans (a white EVA-01, anyone?). The book ends with roughly twenty pages of illustrations for other works, including some very beautiful art for Nadia and Wings of Honneamise, as well as some miscellaneous mecha fun. Although relatively short, this section of the book is a pleasant surprise, with unanimously excellent illustrations that show some other facets of Sadamoto¿s talent.

The 119 pages of this book are not all filled with illustrations, though. Mostly empty title pages or entirely blank pages between illustrations crop up here and there and take a larger chunk out of the book than is really comfortable. It seems like rather a waste to leave so many pages blank throughout the book. On the other hand, only six pages are taken up by text good and proper (so it hardly matters which edition one gets, thoygh I am grateful for this easily-accessible French edition). Niggles about blank pages aside, this book is very nicely put together, with the large size of the pages enabling the reader to really appreciate the finer points of the illustrations.

Despite the fairly heavy Evangelion content and very prolific mecha throughout the book, it¿s worth a look even for those who are not raving fans of either Evangelion or all things mecha. The downright jaw-dropping beauty of the illustrations should win most over with ease, and there is in fact quite a lot of variety between the different illustrations ¿ certainly enough to appeal to just about anyone who can appreciate beautiful art.