Series not available ≫ Fatal relations

Fatal relations

Fatal relations

Fatal relations

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A forbidden and bewitched world of pleasure¿

You think your life is over when your parents die in a horrible car accident. Then a millionaire decides to adopt you. To your delight, the millionaire is a charming and beautiful woman with four gorgeous daughters. But soon you discover that their voluptuous bodies, sensuous smells and willing looks hides a dark secret, and you are caught between the unbelievable pleasures of the flesh and the tormented desires sprung from a deadly past. You must decide. Do you drown in pleasure and lose your sanity? Or do you, knowing what's right, make the ultimate sacrifice?

System requirements:<UL><LI>Microsoft 95/98<LI>486SX-33MHz processor or higher<LI>Minimum 8MB RAM (12MB recommended)<LI>Monitor that can display 256 colors with 640X480 resolution<LI>Windows 95/98 compatible soundcard<LI>Double speed CD-ROM drive or faster</UL>

Product details
Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department Figures and Collectibles / Hentai Games
Publisher MISC
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code HIM-MISG0004
Customer reviews
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"Rather straightforward game BUT I DON*T WAN*T IT" by teppic (Norway) on Nov 8, 2004

This is one of those game where you can't go really wrong. It has a way of rederectioning itself towards a happy ending. Of course, you can go completely wrong and don't get any hentai at all. Or let me rephrase that, you will always get hentai, but not nececarrily the right pictures to end up with. They call a winner of the game...But if you don't win this game then you really should'nt play any games at all. But what the heck, It is fun, and there are for some time a felling that you are chasing a gift. The gift beiing an of your choice nervous and beautiful maiden ,I hope this is ok for you
We can get the maiden, B