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Inviting you to the island of forbidden fruit and lust
In the southern ocean on a remote island is a huge research institute called "Desire". An institute built by the large, world renowned financial group, Grandchester Foundation. It's rumored they are involved in military-related research, but what it is exactly is kept a carefully guarded secret. For this reason, a journalist for SNT (Social News Time Network), Albert Macdgul (or Al for short) visits "Desire" in order to collect information for a story.
He's one of the rare few who have been granted access to "Desire". So it's in high spirits that he sets forth to complete his story. While at "Desire" he meets a girl named Tina, who is suffering from memory loss. She is destined to change his fate forever. Murder, bomb threats, mysteries shadowing her existence¿How far will the chaos go?
On the other hand, Makoto Izumi, Chief Technician at "Desire, finds out how dangerous their research is, and asks her boss, Dr. Stella, to stop all the experiments. Then he finds out that someone on the outside is going to interfere with the research¿
Find out the hidden secrets of Desire¿Through TWO characters aspects!

System requirements:<UL><LI>Microsoft Windows 95/98<LI>Pentium 100 MHz processor or higher<LI>Minimum 24 MB RAM<LI>Monitor that can display 32,000 colors with 640X480 resolution<LI>Windows 95/98 compatible soundboard<LI>4X speed CD-ROM or faster<LI>Mouse</UL>

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Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department toys and models / Games
Publisher MISC
Series Series not available
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Product Code HIM-DESG0001
Customer reviews
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"Best story (hentai) adventure game" by Zeiroid (Netherlands) on Jun 1, 2004

Being a hentai game doesn't mean that it doesn't have a decent story or any other refreshing elements. On the contrary, 'Desire' has probably one of the most enticing, dramatic, beautiful and heartbreaking stories I have ever heard.

In this game you play several characters, each one unlocked by playing the previous one and thus giving you different viewpoints on the story. Only when you have played every character you will understand the complete story and if you do, then you better hold on to a tissue because you're gonna to be depressed and crying for over a week. Luckily, the story ends with a happy epilogue

The story is about a research facility on an island where vague experiments are being done. The main characters are a journalist, his ex-girlfriend who is a scientist on the island and a female head of the laboratory, whose origin is unknown until the end. It seems that the experiments involve gaining eternal youth but later you see that higher goals are at stake.

True, this game is definitely a so-called hentai game but instead of only leaning to this aspect, they also present you with a gripping adventure. The graphics are very ok but you should remember that it was designed for windows 95/98 (it still runs in XP though). The hentai scenes are definitely high-quality, getting more perverse when you play the second (female) character. Note that there also animated scenes in this game (no hentai though).

Actually there isn't any gameplay because all you do is point and click untill you can proceed with the next scene. However, the characters all have real personalities and the story is great so you really won't mind this.

This is more of a graphical novel with sexually explicit scenes but these somehow don't intrude. I really recommend it to people who think that hentai games are crap because this will really blow your mind.