Kamikaze thief Joan ≫ Kamikaze thief Joan art book

Kamikaze thief Joan art book

Kamikaze thief Joan art book

Kamikaze thief Joan art book

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Tanemura Arina's Kamikazekaito Jeanne (Kamikaze Thief Jeanne) tells the story of a young girl namedMaron, and her holymission. Maron is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, and she has been chosen by God to collect thepower of demons - placedwithin cursed paintings by the Devil - and send their power back to God. But then there's KaitouSinbad, who works for theother team. If the Devil has more power at the end of 1999, he will gain control over the world.Kaitou Jeanne is trying to savethe world from this fate. But what happens when God's agent and the Devil's agent fall in love? Thisvolume features pageafter page of color illustrations of Maron, plus a background section featuring a gallery of covers.

Product details
Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department books / Illustration book
Publisher Shueisha
Series Kamikaze thief Joan
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Romance , Magical girl
Product Code ISBN9784088550978
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"An artbook you'll never get tired of." by V. Kr├Ątke (Netherlands) on Mar 5, 2004

Unless shoujo art really isn't your thing, I can whole-heartedly recommend anyone to pick up a copy of this brilliant artbook. There are sixty-four pages of color illustrations in here, plus a small double-sided fold-out poster. And all of it is drop-dead gorgeous.

Most illustrations are simply dripping with petals, feathers, fleeting ribbons and wisps of hair. Complete nirvana for any shoujo enthusiast, basically. There are extravagant, highly detailed costumes, sensual compositions and amazing, vibrant colors to admire on every page.

The sheer variety of the color palette used is what really makes this artbook shine. There are illustrations where cool whites and blues dominate, while other bathe in shades of bold red and yellow, or soft, warm pink. Every illustration has a look and feel of it's own with a color scheme and layout that is completely different from the last one. Each of these highly varied illustrations is a beautiful piece worth scrutinising for details and marveling over for its intricacy. Leafing through this artbook is one of the most enjoyable, eye-pleasing reads I can imagine.

The book ends with eight pages of text that will be largely lost on anyone not fluent in Japanese. These pages contain photos of how Tanemura works, as well as an overview of all illustrations in the book, suggesting that the textual content might actually be quite interesting to those who can read it.

Whether you miss out on the text or not makes very little difference in the end, though. The brilliantly intricate art contained herein never fails to amaze me. The vivid colors and the amazing skill with which everything, down to the tiniest petal or the merest fold in clothing is brought to life is a joy to behold. Tanemura's cute, wide-eyed character designs may be a bit of an acquired taste, but with all the prettiness just dripping from the pages as it does, this book is well worth getting hold of for any anime and manga enthusiast.