X 1999 ≫ X/1999 vol 01 Prelude GN

X/1999 vol 01 Prelude GN

X/1999 vol 01 Prelude GN

X/1999 vol 01 Prelude GN

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After a mysterious six-year absence, Kamui, a young man with mysterious psionic powers, returns to Tokyo. Now his childhood girlfriend Kotori and psychic Princess Hitono are having prophetic dreams about Kamui's role in the end of the world! What do these strange visions mean? Why does Kamui warn Kotori and her brother Fuma to stay away from him? And who are these psionically powered beings who keep picking fights with Kamui?

Too soon, occult forces will force Kamui to choose between two very different, extraordinary destinies.... Is he the angel of our salvation, or the devil of our destruction?

X/1999 is written and illustrated by CLAMP, a combine of four female shojo artists who have taken all of Asia by storm!

Adult All ages
Department Books / TPB-Manga/Bücher
Publisher Viz Comics
Series X 1999
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language English
Genre Fantasy  , Action
Product Code VIZ-X19T1001
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Eine Kundenrezension schreiben

"nice" durch Oliverstrife (Belgium) auf 28.05.2008

After viewing the anime I just had to buy one of the manga and i'm not dissapointed, it's everything what you expect from CLAMP with just a tad more blood and fighting, every character has his/her own background to discover and the world CLAMP created here is just too get yourselfs lost in, really recommed this one!

"Yeah!" durch Silvia de Groot (Nederland) auf 15.12.2006

Yay! A very very very nice manga from CLAMP, A must have! XD *Hopefully CLAMP continues with X/1999* It's a very very nice manga that's for sure, cool characters, nice arts, nice story, nice manga!

"very verrryyyy good!" durch Tirinity (Netherlands) auf 30.06.2006

X/1999 is a very good series :) I love the first book! It made me want to read the next, that's for sure!

I definately recommend it.

"Best" durch Tasz (Netherlands) auf 01.04.2005

X/1999 and Tokyo Babylon are one of my favo series :D and of course I have them complete :P Its a really good serie and a real wanna have for anime/manga fans :)

And it has a touch of sweet shounen ai too it :D I have the dvd too and all the manga ... well ... so far they have it then ;) heheh lol

"super!" durch Suus (Nederland) auf 31.03.2005

Echt weer een geweldige manga van CLAMP. Het is zeer mooi getekend en het verhaal loopt lekker vlot. Alleen jammer is dat de manga zelf niet van achter naar voor loopt (op zn Japans zeg maar). het leest zo een beetje vervelend, en ook de vertaling had beter kunnen zijn.
Maar de minpuntjes zijn te verwaarlozen bij alle pluspunten die de manga wel heeft! Aanrader!

"Awesome! ='D" durch Eiri (Nederland) auf 08.02.2005

X/1999 is a realy cool series. The story is very original (I haven't seen many other manga's/anime's with this theme yet) and the art is just gorgeous! (But that's what you expect from CLAMP, ofcourse) After buying the first couple of volumes I allready loved it. It has a really large cast, which makes it very intresting for everyone, because it's not hard to find someone who's a bit like you between all of those characters.

It does get a bit bloody sometimes, but that just gives it an extra touch, don't you think? ;D But it's a great mix between drama, action and a bit of romance. I can recommend this to everyone!