Transformers ≫ Super Link Transformer SD-05 Mega Zarack

Super Link Transformer SD-05 Mega Zarack

Super Link Transformer SD-05 Mega Zarack

Super Link Transformer SD-05 Mega Zarack

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Super Links Transformers is the Japanese edition of Transformers Energon (the series that continues Transformers Armada). The Super Links Transformers re-introduces the linking or merging of 2 or more transformers into one bigger Bot (or Con). They're not yet the awesome Gestaults from Generation 1, but at least we do get some Gestault like abilities.

Adult All ages
Department Spielzeug und Modellen / Action Figur
Publisher Takara
Series Transformers
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Product Code TAK-TRFZ6011
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"Super Link Mega Zarak" durch Veli Vidgren (Finland) auf 25.07.2007

Mega Zarak is clearly inspired by Scorponok of Generation 1. Instead of giant turning into a fortress, Mega Zarak is "just" a tough warrior with a killer scorpion mode. Another alt mode is a plane for fast movement. Somewhat of a curiosity compared to other modes, but surprisingly it works.

Claws may be a bit too large and their articulation could be better. The tail feels like it could loosen during age. Luckily Mega Zarak doesn't have a lot of separate parts that could end up missing. Only two missiles which absence doesn't reduce play value much.

All in all, this figure is especially recommended for all the fans of Energon/Super Link and maybe for those who liked the original Scorponok.

"Mega Zarak unfolds his power" durch Cyclone_X (Belgium) auf 09.02.2004

I was first a bit reluctant to get into Super Link / Energon, but one has to give a chance to everyting. The fact that Zarak is the leader and has a scorpion-like alt mode were actually the main reasons why I bought him.
And I'm not disapointed!

Zarak's color sheme is very nice, with 2 ground colors being green and yellow. Metalic green and goldish yellow paint aplications give him a very metalic feel.
The other colors complete this colorsheme (being blue, grey and black)

As a toy there are obvious ameliorations compared to the general Armada / Micron toys. He has shoulder, elbow, knee and some hip articulations which allow you to pose Zarak. Although his hip articulation could have been better.

His Claws are pretty large, but dont bother me. They also hide a missile shooter (1 on each arm).

Since SL is a follow up from Micron Legend, there are still some Powerlink ports on the toy, which allow you to link Minicons.

He also has 4 sounds, which I prefer to the ones from Armada. 2 shooting/blasting sounds (press button on his tail and activate eenrgon blaster on the top of his tail) and 2 transforming sounds: 1 is automatically triggered when you transform him (that one can become pretty annoying) and another transforming sound is only activated in bot mode with tail up. Then activate the energon blaster on the tip of his tail and in stead of blasters you hear some construction/transforming sound.

Mega Zarak comes in a small box (Takara knows how to pack their TFs) with very nice box art. And it also has the 20th anniversary logo, since Transformers celebrate their 20th anniversary this year!

I'm really pleased with this first purchase of Super Link and I know more will follow

"Cool!" durch Rob Spoor (Netherlands) auf 31.01.2004

Scorpion mode is quite awesome, although it looks somewhat like a tank/bulldozer, this is a bit of a shame. The claws are amazing. Jet mode is nice at best, it just doesn't suit me well.

In robot mode, the arms/claws are just a tad too big, with limits his articulation somewhat. The face/visor however is very very cool, a whole lot better than G1 Scorponok's visor which looks awful.
It has some sounds, but like most Armada figures I own I immediatelly removed the batteries.

Overall I'm very happy with it, although it is smaller than I had expected.

"mega zarak owns scorponock!" durch firefox (België) auf 06.01.2004

That's right, colorwise this toy owns the hasbro version, which i find more uglier every time i look at mega zarak.

1st thing that struck me was the box design, very elegant, very cool, almost perfect!

The toy itself:
Basic transformation by beastwars or RID standards, so not really my cup of tea, but it looks very mean! I don't know what to call the alternate mode, scorpion or construction vehicule, it's a bit of both.

The robotmode is super cool, the head is very well made, the visor should stay open doh. Articulation wise it is a vast improvement over armada (aka the BRICK-line).
He looks a bit like a boxer waving his big hands :)
Haven't tried the planemode or the sounds yet, but i allreday love it.