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Angel sanctuary tome 20

Angel sanctuary tome 20

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Sétsuna et Sara sont frère et soeur, pourtant, ils s'aiment sincèrement. Mais le monde entier semble s'opposer à leur romance. Tandis qu'ils sont en fuite, l'univers de Sétsuna bascule quand un être surgissant de nulle part tue sa bien-aimée, sa colère explose alors et au milieu d'un Tokyo en ruine, il découvre qu'il est la réincarnation d'un ange banni par le Créateur. Ses pouvoirs vont donc lui permettre d'aller jusqu'au Royaume des Morts pour ramener l'âme de Sara dans le monde des vivants. Pourtant, Sétsuna ignore encore qu'il est l'élément central d'une guerre millénaire entre les anges et les démons et que le dénouement approche avec son réveil !

Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Bücher / TPB-Manga/Bücher
Publisher Tonkam
Series Angel sanctuary
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language French
Product Code FB_9782845802940
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"It's raining plot threads, hallelujah." durch V. Krätke (Netherlands) auf 06.06.2005

So I've finally worked my way through all twenty volumes of Angel Sanctuary. That's twenty volumes of very violent, twisted and often completely baffling action. Throughout Setsuna's quest, characters die, resurrect, swap bodies, gender and souls and change sides like there's no tomorrow. A word of advice to any budding Angel Sanctuary readers: don't take long breaks from the manga. Keep reading the volumes in a steady trickle, or you will completely lose track of what's going on. I sometimes waited several months between one volume and the next, and got punished for my sins with utter confusion. Angel Sanctuary doesn't appreciate being ignored.

I didn't find the conclusion presented in this last volume quite satisfying. It's too much of a simple, clean-cut happy ending, which doesn't gel well with the messy, violent tangle of events that has been leading up to it. I was hoping for an ending that would absolve Setsuna's long, chaotic quest, something that would finally make sense out of all the madness and push the series to its logical thematical conclusion. But the reader is left with nothing more insightful than 'finding happiness is good!' as a final message. The bad guys are dead, the good guys get exactly what they want, and that's it. I feel cheated. What was the point of Angel Sanctuary's gigantic, twisty-turny, outta-control middle section if it was leading up to nothing but a banal ending? We've seen Setsuna wade through dozens of hellish worlds, with friends and foes dying horribly left, right and center. And yet the only outcome is that the status quo from before all the carnage is restored, just like that.

Still, if it's spectacle you want, Angel Sanctuary delivers in spades. This last volume treats us to such macabre visions as gigantic severed heads connected to acres of life-support cables and tanks full of hideous angel foetuses. Angel Sanctuary has its very own blend of deeply disturbing stuff, which can best be described as part H.R. Geiger, part gothic punk fashion and part Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's nightmare fodder that you won't forget in a hurry. The art has been stunningly intricate all through, and there were plenty of interesting, complicated characters. But the manga's meandering midsection (well over ten volumes long, thank you very much) and feeble ending are clear strikes against it. The story is incredibly busy, making for an occasionally confusing and frustrating read. In the French edition, some of the text tends to slip off into the page gutter when the pages get too packed with text and pictures (and they do frequently), raising the confusion level a notch further. So before you entangle yourself in twenty volumes worth of Angel Sanctuary, ask yourself how much you really dig this whole gothic-futuristic shoujo bloodshed schtick. I can't believe I'm resorting to babble like 'gothic-futuristic shoujo bloodshed' but that's what Angel Sanctuary does to you after a while.