Spirited away (Sen to Chihiro) ≫ Spirited away Original soundtrack CD

Spirited away Original soundtrack CD

Spirited away Original soundtrack CD

Spirited away Original soundtrack CD

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Music from the Academy Award-winning film for "Best Animated Feature!" Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl in the midst of a move to the suburbs, wanders into a mysterious town and finds an "other world" of gods and monsters, ruled over by a witch. To survive, poor Chihiro has to go to work in a huge bathhouse patronized by bizarre beings. Composed by Jo Hisaishi. Contains 21 songs, including Youmi Kimura's "Always with Me." <OL><LI>One summer's day<LI>A road to somewhere<LI>The empty restaurant<LI>Nighttime coming<LI>The dragon boy<LI>Sootballs<LI>Procession of the spirits<LI>Yubaba<LI>Bathhouse morning<LI>Day of the river<LI>It's hard work<LI>The stink spirit<LI>Sen's courage<LI>The bottomless pit<LI>Kaonashi (no face)<LI>The sixth station<LI>Yubaba's panic<LI>The house at swamp bottom<LI>Reprise<LI>The return<LI>Always with me</OL>

Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Spielzeug und Modellen / Compact Disc
Publisher Milan records
Series Spirited away (Sen to Chihiro)
Shop Manga & Anime
Primary language Japanese
Genre Drama , Abenteuer , Romantik , Uebernatürlich , Isekai (Other world)
Product Code PRE-2003035073
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"A delightful listen." durch V. Krätke (Netherlands) auf 01.09.2004

Joe Hisaishi's beautiful score for Spirited Away is an integral part of what makes the movie work. By rights, any fan of the movie should be very happy that the soundtrack is so widely available. And it's a good one, as far as soundtrack releases go. Every piece of music from the movie is included and sounds crystal-clear.

The most memorable themes from the movie are the lovely, slightly melancholy piano melodies. Those are the ones that stick in your mind after seeing Spirited Away, but they are not the be-all and end-all of the soundtrack. Granted, gentle piano melodies do feature heavily on this CD. The first and 19th tracks are the pieces that you're most likely to remember from the movie, and they're both lovely piano pieces. But Hisaishi also serves up some more bombastic orchestral pieces, a few very Japanese-sounding pieces dominated by drums and some brilliant, ever so slightly eerie compositions. In fact, it's surprising how much of the music has a menacing undertone to it. Tracks 2 and 3 are good examples - they evoke tentative exploration of a strange place very well.

Spirited Away's world is wondrous but often quite hostile towards Chihiro. The soundtrack carries this over very well. This makes for some very evocative music. Whether it's the sumptuous track 7, played when an entire parade of bizarre spirits makes its entrance, or the melancholy track 16, listening to it all separately makes you appreciate just how well they compliment their respective scenes from the movie.
The music can be appreciated out of context as well. These compositions are all very pleasant listens. Even for those who have not seen the movie, the CD is a lovely aural experience. It all comes at a very affordable price, to boot. That leaves us with no complain about, just a perfectly decent release of a wonderful soundtrack.