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Level C DVD

Level C DVD

Level C DVD

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Mizuki is a popular male fashion model with a promising future. When the mysterious Haruno sees him, she wants to make him the centerpiece for her company's latest promotion. To lure Mizuki in, she calls on the talents of her twin brother, Kazo. He is quick to seduce the young supermodel, but things soon escalate beyond business-as-usual. As Kazo's feelings run away with him, it looks like true love for him and Mizuki.

Adult 18+ Adults Only
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Media blasters - Kitty Media
Series Level C
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language Japanese
Primary language English
Genre Drama , Romantik
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2002104118
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"It's licensed yaoi. That's all you really need to know." durch V. Krätke (Netherlands) auf 06.11.2003

The sheer novelty of an explicit yaoi title getting a commercial DVD release should be enough to make Level C at least worth a look for yaoi enthusiasts. And since there really isn't anything wrong with this disc, it should please its target audience just fine.

That said, this is plain and simple porn, and nothing more than that. Don't expect a heartrending tale of love and loss or anything similiarly dazzling. Just a lot of sex between the protagonists with little plausible excuses for it. Level C delivers just what it promises; a fairly run-of-the-mill, but nicely done and unpretentious yaoi story that delivers on the mattress mambo.

While porn videos generally get along just fine without any plot, Level C does try to give you one, sort of. Of course, whatever plot they do mix in is pretty trite. In just thirty minutes, you can't really develop your characters. That Kazuomi could turn from a predatory bisexual into a loving boyfriend in just this short span of time is hardly credible. But while the attempted plot is admittedly wafer-thin, it is at least sweet and harmless stuff. Our protagonists are both consenting adults, and it's pretty nice if a porn video tries to pretend that the guys having it off on screen actually love each other. There are even some effective laughs in there, so the few brittles of plot that you get on the outskirts of the sex scenes come as a pleasing bonus. Besides this, Level C pushes the right buttons; the protagonists are pretty, the art is nice and sex happens often.

Take note that despite the abundant nudity and sex scenes, no male genitalia are ever shown full-on. When they are on-screen, they're either obscured, or suggested through mere silhouettes. It's a staple of yaoi products to just suggest the male appendage (glowing cones between the legs and invisible woodies are quite frequent in yaoi manga). If you want to see men's naughty bits, you're better off with the latest from Falcon.
Yaoi fans, however, will most likely know exactly what to expect from Level C and won't walk away disappointed.