Tekkaman Blade ≫ Tekkaman blade II Complete collection DVD

Tekkaman blade II Complete collection DVD

Tekkaman blade II Complete collection DVD

Tekkaman blade II Complete collection DVD

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A new breed of Tekkaman face off against their powerful enemy- Radham. Yumi Francois, a young mechanic, is recruited into the group of space knights and must conquer her fear and inexperience. In a freak accident, she receives a powerful weapon, the Volteker Reactor, and becomes the jealous target of Natasha. Thrust prematurely into battle, Yumi finds that her ultimate test will be the perseverance of her values and innocence in the face of war. As the young warriors deal with their own demons from the past, they prepare to battle against extreme odds with the fate of humanity at stake. Approximate running time: 150 minutes.

Adult 14+ Parental Advisory
Department Video / DVD
Publisher Urban vision
Series Tekkaman Blade
Shop Manga & Anime
Spoken language English , Japanese
Primary language Japanese
Subtitle language English
DVD region 1
Product Code PRE-2001104029
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"it has some bad points but overall its good" durch Darkmoon (Netherlands) auf 01.08.2004

Warning.. spoilers ahead. I just wanted to set a few things straight because of hushpuppys review. Some of the points hushpuppy mentioned are true. But others are not. For example how did blade get his cristal back. If you watch a perticulair scene in the last episode frame by frame youll see that the crystal blade is using is actually the cristal that belonged to his brother sabre, in the first tekkaman series. As for why D-boy and Aki's relationship seems so different now, you have to remember that at the end of series 1 blade was pretty much a plant. His memory was destroyed in his final transformation. he was in a wheelchair because his body got wrecked in the final battle. Perhaps this also changed his feelings for her. And no, Noal ( ringo ) is NOT killed in battle with radam. he was taken by the defence force and never heard from again during the black september event. As mentioned in episode 5 and 6.
Its true that this series lacks the depth of the first one. But if your a true fan youll like this no matter how they sliced it.
the only real question that goes unanswered is were did freeman and rebin go. all the others are seen ( albeit briefly )
anyway, long story short. its good, but not as good as it could/should have been.

"A shame it's such a bad sequel" durch hushpuppy (Belgium) auf 17.11.2003

I'm a HUGE fan of Tekkaman Blade 1 and by that I mean the original Japanese version not the ugly mutulated, severly cut dubbed version.....

This story takes place 10 years after the demise of Tekkaman Omega (or Darkon in English). The Space Knights bse has been rebuild and what do we see? Aki (Star) is in the charge of the Space Knigts! Yay! But where are Noal (Ringo) and Jamison (Freeman)? Well apparently Jamison has resgined and Noal is killed in a battle with Radam. You can see this in the special Missing Link. Also there is an entire new generation of young Tekkamen who must take on the never ending threat of Radam. But who are they?

They are the result of humans who were captured by the Sporeplants in he ending of TB I. They were Primary Bodies who have been picked by Aki and transformed into full Armored Tekkamen but none of them posses te same amount of skill and strength as Blade has.

And now the question: Where is our beloved, always sad hero? Well he's alive and kicking and somehow he's got his crystal back! No explanation is given but we can all assume the Tekkaman inside of him never really was away. Also they do'nt mention his 30 minute time limit anymore or the collapsing of his body after transforming numerous times into Tekkaman Blade. Also what bothers me about Blade is the way how they drew his transformation. It misses.... This time they choose to draw how the field surrounds his body and then the armor and his lance suddenly appears... A mayor let down if you ask me because the transformation from the first show was really kewl to see! I wonder why the let down....

But also why is TB II such a mayor mayor dissapointment? Also because it only has 6 yes you read it correctly 6 episodes!!!! The character development in the first show was so amazingly done because in the end or even after the first season you loved the characters one by one. Because of the short short short length you don't get any chance to love any character they all seem so rushed.... Also what I hated was how they put Yumi in the spotlight. Yumi is just a whiny anime girl who is accidentally given great powers. Where did we hear that before.... Also the love relation between D-Boy and Aki is missing!!! C'mon that was what made the first show also interesting. T osee how their love for eachother bloomed. That is missing in here. A SHAME!!!!!!!

I can go on and on about how bad it is but however there are some good points to TB II. The artwork and animation is far superior to the first show.

If you love the original don't watch or heck even download! It isn't worth it. And when you're new to Tekkaman Blade watch the first show first.

A real let down and a missed chance to let the legacy go on in style....