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XCOM The Board Game - Core Set English
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XCOM The Board Game - Core Set English

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Paris has fallen. New York is a pile of rubble spilling into the Atlantic. Alien attacks against Nanjing and Changzhou prompt widespread panic throughout the streets of Shanghai. Defense satellites detect UFOs in orbit over Mexico, Russia, and Brazil. Military responses have proven ineffectual. Fear and anxiety lead to widespread riots. Human civilization stands upon the brink of collapse...

You are humanity's last hope.

In XCOM: The Board Game, you and up to three friends assume the roles of the leaders of the elite, international organization known as XCOM. It is your job to defend humanity, quell the rising panic, and turn back the escalating alien invasion coordinated by the game¿s innovative, free digital companion app.

Where the world's militaries have failed to stand against the alien invaders, you must succeed. To do so, you must make strategic use of the resources available to you. You must launch Interceptors to shoot down alien UFOs, assign soldiers to key missions, research alien technology, and use that technology to defend your base, all while you try to keep the world from collapsing just long enough that you can coordinate one final mission to repel the invaders for good.

Destroy UFOs. Research alien technology. Defend your base. Uncover the alien invasion plan. Should you fail, humanity is doomed.

1 Game board
16 XCOM soldiers
8 Interceptors
24 UFOs
5 Custom dice
More than 200 cards and tokens

Note: Requires the use of a free digital companion app which will be made available for download or access as an online tool.

Artikelcode: FFG-XCOB1401
Serie:XCcom Board Game

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1 von 5Not recommended - 03 May, 2016
von Kitty Ocean (Netherlands)
This game was bought by someone who loves XCom, the computergame(s). So, naturally, this version was a nice addition to our boardgames. Unfortunately... we were disappointed greatly. At first, you need the app to even read the rules. The rules are big walls of text, sometimes even unclear what needs to happen. Second, either we are super unlucky, or the die are loaded/ unbalanced. We 'missed' prettymuch all attacks. Eventually, we had to add more ufo's, but we'd run out of ufo's. Third, we couldn't even finish the (losing) game, as the app had drained the battery. We barely managed to finish round 3 of 5. We still believe this game has potential... but we're going to make up our own rules and try out our own die. Actually, all the app does is generating random numbers (like: add 2 ufo's to africa), which you can compensate by using D4, D6, D20... So, in all honesty, we seriously cannot recommend this game.

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